Japanese Doll
Japanese Doll Japanese Doll

Japanese Taisho Doll with Silk Clothing and Powdered Face


Dimensions W: 8.0"  |  D: 8.0"  |  H: 9.0"
Age antique
Origin japan
Model YN2425

A Japanese doll with a powdered face and silk clothing from the early 1900s, during the Taisho period. This doll showcases a great attention to detail, particularly on its clothes. This seated doll wears a large traditional dress with numerous layers visible on the sleeves. The face was powdered with eggshell and painted, giving to it a somewhat lifelike aspect. The hair is styled in a bun.


Made in the early 20th century during the Taisho period, this Japanese doll with silk clothing and powdered face adorn any room beautifully, perhaps in a bedroom on a dresser or in a living room on a sideboard where it would be sure to be a tremendous conversation starter.