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Explore our collection of vintage and antique Chinese and Asian bookcases at FEA Home. Each one has a story and shows the skill it took to make it. You’ll find a special selection of bookcases that add a touch of Eastern charm to your room. Our bookcases range from the detailed designs of the Qing Dynasty to the deep colors of 19th-century Elmwood bookcases, all showing the lasting skill of Asian furniture making.


Vintage Bookcases: Classic Charm

Dive into our selection of vintage bookcases. Each one brings a piece of the past into your home, giving it personality and a classic look.


Antique Bookcases: Crafted With Care

Take a step back in time with our antique bookcases. They've been fixed up to look as good as they did when they were first made. These bookcases show off the detailed work and lasting beauty of old designs.


Chinese Bookcases: Stories in Wood

Our Chinese bookcases celebrate the long history of woodworking in the East. The detailed carvings on these bookcases tell stories from long ago, making them more than just a place for books—they keep history alive.


Asian Bookcases: Elegance in Wood

Check out our Asian bookcases, which beautifully mix practicality with design. Whether it’s the simple look of elmwood or the shine of a polished finish, each piece is well-made and full of Asian style.


As you look at what we offer, remember that each bookcase has a story from the past, ready to become a part of your life. Whether you love unique items, history, or timeless style, choosing from FEA Home means bringing a piece of that story home. Get in touch with us to add these pieces to your place and keep the makers' craft alive.