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Antique Asian Cabinets & Vintage Armoires for Sale - Direct from The Far East

Shop our exclusive one-of-a-kind collection of vintage and antique Asian cabinets from FEA Home, the largest dealer of Asian antiques, home décor and furniture in the United States. These beautiful antique Asian cabinets & Chinese armoires originate from throughout the Far East: spanning China, Japan, India & Southeast Asia.

Our vintage and antique Asian cabinets, armoires and wardrobes derive from the 17th-19th century (Qing Dynasty), early-mid 20th Century and later. These antique Asian cabinets are intricately crafted and artistically display the history and culture of the countries they originate from.

Contact FEA Home to learn more about our entire collection of vintage and antique Asian cabinets or Chinese Armoires for your home, office or public space.