5 Asian Decor Ideas to Fill Your Home

Are you looking for a unique style of decorating that draws inspiration from the cultures, art, and architecture of the Far East? You can incorporate Asian décor ideas into your home by looking at the decorations and furnishings of homes in Thailand, India, China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, and more. Asian-inspired decorating ideas are characterized by traditional designs which often feature intricate patterns or motifs. 

Adding a touch of Asian flair to your home can provide an exotic feel to any space while also giving it a sense of tranquility and balance. Asian-inspired decorating ideas give homeowners access to timeless pieces of furniture and accessories that will last for generations to come. This style also provides an opportunity for homeowners to express their individual tastes when selecting furniture items or wall hangings – allowing you to make their homes truly one-of-a-kind! Here are 5 Asian inspired decorating ideas you can learn about to improve the look of your home:

  1. Statement Furniture

Antique statement furniture is an integral part of creating a space full of Asian-inspired decorating ideas. Traditional pieces such as antique chairs, hand-carved tables, and shelves are all excellent choices for adding an exotic feel to any room. Choose ones made from dark woods with intricate carvings or lacquered finishes to capture the essence of Far Eastern design. If you’re on the hunt for Asian-inspired decorating ideas, this Rustic Vintage Indian Natural Sheesham Wood Side Cabinet adds a beautiful vintage touch to any space!

Chinese Chair with Silk Fabric and Table

Don’t forget about decorating with art when designing a space that features Asian décor! Hang paintings on the wall depicting nature scenes, like this traditional 19th Century Turquoise Print; display handcrafted ceramic vases on sideboards; and arrange small figurines around the room for added texture and interest. By combining these elements together, you will be able to achieve an inviting living environment that pays homage to Far Eastern culture!

  1. Home Accents

Adding vintage Asian bowls and Chinese plates to your home is an excellent way to add a touch of Asian heritage. These delicate items are ​​classic Asian décor ideas because they can be hung on walls or used as decorative trays and chargers on tables and shelves. Sculptures and figurines made of jade, bronze, porcelain, and other materials are also great choices for adding texture and interest to a space. They come in all sizes – from small figures that sit atop mantles or desks to large sculptures that make a statement in any room.

Don’t forget about small details like trays and chargers, which are perfect for displaying other décor items such as candles or jewelry boxes. We’re loving the look of this Gray Ceramic Charger! Finally, for those looking for something truly unique – try adding some antique Asian puppets, dolls, and masks into the mix! Not only do these pieces provide interesting conversation starters but they also have historical significance making them ideal additions to any collection of Asian-style decorations!

Indian 19th Century Ceremonial Wooden Mask


  1. Lighting

Table lamps with rice paper panels are another stunning way to bring Asian-inspired decorating ideas into any room. These delicate yet eye-catching pieces feature translucent material that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere when illuminated. Additionally, these lamps can be purchased in various shapes and forms – making it easy to find one that will match the design of your home perfectly!

Vintage lanterns, candles, and glass oil lamps also make excellent lighting choices for those wanting to incorporate an exotic touch into their decorating scheme. Choose large-sized models made out of copper or brass for maximum impact. Alternatively, you may opt for smaller versions crafted out of wood or porcelain, which offer more subtle illumination throughout the space. Either way, these classic pieces provide both warmth and beauty that never go out of style!

Finally, adding textured lighting is another great way to create an ambiance that exudes Far Eastern charm. Whether it’s hanging pendant lights with intricate patterns or wall-mounted sconces featuring colorful glasswork – incorporating texture through lamps and light fixtures is sure to give your home an air of sophistication while still paying homage to its Asian roots!

Antique Chinese Paper Lantern with Red Color
  1. Plants, Planters, and Garden Seats

Plants are a great way to bring an exotic touch to any space. Bonsai trees, for example, have long been used in Asian cultures as symbols of balance and harmony – making them perfect for incorporating into your home’s decor. Bamboo is another versatile item that can be used both indoors and outdoors; it adds texture and height to the living environment while providing a calming atmosphere.

Vintage pot planters are excellent pieces that help create an atmosphere of Asian decor ideas. These traditional containers often feature intricate patterns or designs on their exteriors – making them ideal items for adding character to any room! This Chinese Contemporary Artisan Glazed and Hand Painted Curving Garden Seat is a great piece to add if you’re looking for comfortable seating options with an air of sophistication. Or, on the other hand, choose seats featuring carved motifs like dragons or waves for maximum impact!

In addition to these items, why not consider introducing some natural elements such as rocks & stones into your design scheme? Not only will they add visual interest but they also contribute towards creating a peaceful atmosphere within the home. If you’re looking to make more of a statement, then consider hanging dream catchers from the ceiling!

  1. Fabrics, Kimonos, Pillows & Rugs

Fabrics, kimonos, pillows, and rugs are all essential elements for creating an Asian-inspired home. Adding antique kimonos brings timeless beauty and sophistication into any room – they can be hung up on walls as art pieces or used as decoration around furniture items. 

Adding silk fabrics to your space is another excellent option. Choose bold colors and patterns that will draw attention while also lending a sense of warmth and elegance. Pillows with embroidered designs or made from luxurious materials such as velvet are ideal for providing comfort during long conversations or relaxing at night; couple these decorative accents with area rugs featuring intricate weaves & prints for added texture and interest throughout the entire space! 

Finally, don't forget about window decor – opt for bamboo blinds that provide light control while still maintaining a natural feel in the room. With these elements combined together, you'll have achieved an atmosphere inspired by Asia that's sure to be admired by all who enter it!

Vintage Silk Kimono with Gold, Silver and Red Embroidery

Ready to Shop for Asian Décor Ideas? Look No Further Than FEA Home!

There are many ways to bring the beauty and culture of Asia into your home. From intricate lighting fixtures such as lanterns and candles to decorative pieces like pot planters and puppets – there is no shortage of options available when it comes to adding Asian decorating ideas to your home. Don’t forget about fabrics either – choose kimonos, pillows, or rugs with bold colors and traditional motifs that will add texture and interest while still maintaining a sense of sophistication. Shop FEA Home today to learn more about Asian inspired decorating ideas and easily create an inviting living environment that brings you peace, comfort, and of course, incredible Feng Shui.

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