Carved Shop Sign
Carved Shop Sign Carved Shop Sign Carved Shop Sign

Antique Chinese Hand Carved Shop Sign with Calligraphy, Early 20th Century


Dimensions W: 84"  |  D: 2"  |  H: 42.25"
Age antique
Origin china
Model YN2316

A large hand-carved Chinese shop sign with calligraphy. This early 20th century shop sign features Chinese characters cut via hand-carved calligraphy and highlighted by light effects. The panel is lacquered with dark brown painting enhanced by a red strip, and was re-lacquered. Two carved metallic buckles allow for the panel to be suspended from above.


This large Chinese, early 20th century hand carved shop sign with calligraphy would be an exotic and uncommon decorative item in most homes, perhaps in a den where it would be perfect sitting above a fireplace.